Dual Sauna

Saunacore has developed an ultimate sauna experience—
a dual sauna that functions as a Traditional Sauna and as an
Infrared Sauna.

Are you undecided between a traditional high-heat sauna and an Infrared sauna? Why choose?

The Dual Sauna allows the user to experience the benefit of traditional and infrared saunas in one sleek design. The Infracore Dual Sauna is the answer to your wishes. The best of both worlds, traditional and infrared sauna in one. Use it as traditional high heat sauna or the gentle heat of a Infracore Infrared sauna, or my favorite – both at the same time. Most our standard designs can be made as a dual sauna. Call today to start designing yours!

INFRA-CORE™ Premium Dual

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The premium series is the successful synthesis of striving performance and dynamic exclusive design.

  • Handcrafted by experienced craftsmen to the highest standards
  • T&G Western Red Cedar on all interior walls, ceiling, floor and externior side walls. Also available in poplar.
  • Soft touch electronic keypad allows for time/temperature settings, operation of the Rapid Even Air system, activates lights etc
  • Controller features latest generation of control panel to provide control of sauna operation, audio, fan lighting and Bluetooth at your fingertips.
  • Ceramic radiant heating emitters
  • Rapid Even Air system which circulates warm air for a more balanced sauna
  • Surgical stainless-steel deflectors, ceramic heating emitters housing and cover shield
  • Cedar emitter guards
  • Safety certified
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Customize Your Dual Sauna

All Saunacore Dual Saunas consist of pre-built, pre-fitted wall and ceiling panels, pre-hung door, heater, ceramic emitters, rocks, heater guard, backrest, light, pre-made benches, vent louver, duck boards and all necessary hardware. Complete custom capabilities are also available for panel-type saunas.

Details Crafted
Into Each Sauna

Optional wood choices include Clear Western Red Cedar and American Poplar. Saunacore ensures that every detail is made certain. Benches are assembled from the bottom while all walls are blind nailed to assure that no metal is exposed in the sauna. You may also choose different style doors for a unique characteristic to your liking

DIY Sauna Liner Kits

Our Sauna Liner kits are equipped with everything you need to finish a true authentic sauna room, traditional or infrared. No matter what the size, specification, or style, the common denominator of every Saunacore™ Sauna Liner Kit is superior design ideas, craftsmanship, personal service, and product quality.

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Building your sauna

Creating your own sauna is simple at Saunacore. Whether you’re interested in a custom built, pre-built or DIY sauna, we can make any idea come to life.

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Health benefits of infrared saunas

The long wave infrared occurs just below “infra” to red light as the next lowest energy band. This level of light is not visible to the human eye, but we can feel this type of light as heat.

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