Building your sauna

Creating your own sauna is simple at Saunacore.

Each of our saunas can be built in multiple ways. Whether you’re interested in a custom built,
pre-built or DIY sauna, we can make any idea come to life.

Custom Built Saunas

Simply provide us with a sketch, photo or measurements and together we can help bring your concept to life – with all the features and accessories you can dream of. When designing your own sauna, you can rest assured that Saunacore will take care of every detail and ensure you receive the best quality Sauna.

Modular/Pre-built Saunas

With our pre-built saunas, our craftsman build your sauna in-house at our state of the art facility in Toronto, paying close attention to every detail. After completing quality checks, we carefully disassemble your new sauna into its key components and ship directly to your location – where it can be reassembled.

Do it Yourself (DIY) Saunas

For those interested in building their own sauna, our Sauna Liner kits are equipped with everything you need. No matter the specifications, or style, every Saunacore Sauna Liner Kit features superior design ideas and craftsmanship as well as detailed instructions to guide your efforts – every step of the way.

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Health benefits of infrared saunas

The long wave infrared occurs just below “infra” to red light as the next lowest energy band. This level of light is not visible to the human eye, but we can feel this type of light as heat.

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Dual Saunas

Learn more about dual saunas— the perfect balance between traditional and infrared saunas.

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Traditional Saunas

Learn more about our traditional saunas, including indoor sauna rooms and outdoor saunas.

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Infrared Saunas

Learn more about far infrared sauna technology and our offering of infrared saunas.

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