Sauna Heater

Choose the Right Sauna Heater For You

  • Extreme Performance & Unsurpassed Quality
  • Precisely engineered baffled shell construction provides enhanced air flow for quicker heat-up time.
  • Heat deflector surrounding rock tray directs heat into sauna,where others heat directly upwards over heater.
  • Extremely well ventilated body construction. (see ‘top view’ photos) Cold air at floor level is sucked up from the open underside of the heater and flows through the hot rock compartment, creating the air convection method motion throughout the sauna.
  • Most versatile sauna heater, can be mounted on a straight wall or in a corner.
  • Industrial Incoloy (800 series) heating elements, and Low Watt Density Incoloy (800 series) heating elements. More durable than copper and stainless steel elements. (Varies depending on model)
  • Built-in high temperature safety cut-off.
  • 100% stainless steel construction, including shell, inner baffles, frame and rock tray. Same metal used in the medical and nuclear field. One of the purest metals (specific models)
  • Exterior stainless steel body in brush finish.
  • Tray, deflector and rear body with black high heat, baked enamel paint. (specific models)
  • Best warranty in the business.
  • Ultra long life elements.
  • Deep rock tray, large capacity.
  • Double to triple wall construction. (varies per model)
  • Dependable and energy saving.
  • Built using the finest materials and reliable design for use in demanding sauna environment.
  • Silver solder heating elements prevent moisture from getting into the elements because solder seals element tubing to mounting bushings.
  • Manual and auto steam vaporizer, humidification reservoir for consistent steam, increases the humidity and intensify the feeling of heat.
  • Long length Low Watt Density heating elements for extended life (specific models).
  • Certain models are wall mounted designed which takes up no floor space and makes the sauna floor easier to clean.
  • Certain models have wall mounted controls or optional built in (integrated) control. Panel has timer and thermostat and a pilot light to show when the unit is switched on.
  • Certain models hold up to 75 lbs, and large models hold up to 280 lbs of sauna stones (specific models).

Standard Model

Special Edition Model

Steam Vaporizer


Sauna Heater Controls

Country Living Wood Stoves

A true authentic wood burning sauna stove engineered to outperform the competition through engineering & design. Made in Canada for Canadian Outdoors, unsurpassed durability and performance.

For the most demanding outdoor sauna enthusiast, Saunacore engineered these industry-leading wood burning sauna stoves to meet every challenge — head on. Exceptionally durable, they deliver all the functions you need to get those outdoor saunas hot! The others often look the same but they are definitely not constructed out of the same thick solid materials or have an efficient performing design as this Saunacore model.

  • This is a traditional authentic high quality wood burning sauna stove at its absolute finest !!
  • Soft heat through a large rock capacity tray
  • Quick heat-up time and efficiency
  • Removable ash pan
  • Made from stainless steel and thick hot rolled steel plate
  • Ideal for cottages and remote areas with no electricity
  • Mainly used for Barrel or Log outdoor sauna rooms
  • Made In Canada for Canadian Outdoors = Unsurpassed Performance & Durability
  • Two sizes available: sauna size 8-16 cubic meters, or 12-20 cubic meters.
  • Flush mount door with glass viewing window.
  • Model with flush mount door is mainly used for firing from inside sauna
  • Sauna stones & chimney pipe is not included
  • Efficient design where flames do not reach chimney
  • Air movement between cover and inner body, quicker heat up time
  • Hi Heat black paint and stainless steel upper
  • Two choice of chimney exit, rear or top of stove.(115mm / 4.5” DIA)