Is a steamroom right for you?

Transform any bathroom into a gorgeous sanctuary with added market value to your home.

With the right planning and application methods a modern steam room can transform any bathroom into a gorgeous sanctuary with added market value to your home.  Some designers may argue that a home sauna can only do this if the initial plan for the project outlining the construction of a fashionable steam room is extravagant or you need lots of extra space in your bathroom. While initial planning does facilitate the scope and outline of a stylish steam room, it is still possible to transform an ordinary bathroom into a modern steam room that is trendy and full of character.   However, while the idea of having a modern steam room might be tempting, there are some key considerations to avoid a “steamy” headache along the way.

Get the right materials for your steam bath

If you are transforming your old bathroom into a modern steamroom then it of utmost importance that you change the rooms surface materials. A modern steam room does not function in the same way as a traditional bathroom and as such special modern steam sauna shower building materials are needed. You will have to ensure that the walls and floors are impervious to moisture and that the material that you use does not dilate due to the heat and steam that builds up in your modern steam room. As such, you will find that silicone and other waterproof products are used in many luxury steam showers to accommodate the new shower design. If you plan to use wood then you will have to ensure that it is treated to avoid water penetration. However, ceramic, porcelain and glass tiles are usually the preferred materials of most homeowners that want the latest steam room design.

Get drains in your home sauna room

Drains should be included in your modern steam room to guide the water outside of the room to areas where it can be disposed of or re-used. If you do not have drains then you will find that the steam in your bathroom will produce a lot of water that does not have an exit point. The drains should be placed in areas that are slopped to facilitate water entry and exit. In addition to this, they should be big enough to accommodate the flow of the water without causing any overflow in the process.

Create slopes in your modern steam shower room

Both the roof and the floor of your modern steam room should have slopes to ensure that the water is properly directed to exit points and that it does not remain in the room. The same applies for benches and any other area that water is likely to settle on.

Respect size of room and height when building a steam bath for health and beauty

If you have a large steam shower then you must respect the size of the generator to get the best service. The larger the room the larger the generator you will need and consequently the more you will have to pay to ensure your modern steam room works perfectly. The size and height of your room will dictate the type of generator that you will need to install in your modern steam room and not the other way around.

Consider portable steam sauna- If you are on a budget and do not want to have the headache of calling a plumber to set up a modern steam shower room then you can always consider a portable steam sauna as an alternative. A portable steam sauna is perfect for small spaces or for those that are just considering a temporary modern steam room due to health reasons.

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