Choosing the right wood for your sauna

Saunacore only uses the highest quality kiln dried wood from Canadian mills.

Wood selection is very important. A sauna is heat generating product, and with a great fluctuation of room temperature and in some cases, depending on type of sauna, there is a dry to humid moisture content repeatedly. Keep in mind when constructing a sauna, non-toxic glues and varnishes, stains, preserves, or sealers should not be used. Saunas are constructed of three main types of wood. Very rare use of basswood or pine is used for sauna construction.

All Saunacore saunas are constructed with non sealed, non varnished, non-toxic clues.

Saunacore only uses the highest quality kiln dried wood from Canadian mills.


Western Red Cedar is renowned for its high impermeability to liquids and its natural phenol preservative. It is ideally suited for exterior and interior use where humidity is high. Cedar’s natural oils are the reason it is decay-resistant and rich in colour. Top grade 11/16” thick cedar Kiln dried.

This type of wood is rich in color, and most durable when it comes to a high moisture sauna, a traditional sauna. This sauna used in CHINA made saunas is usually up to 8mm (5/16” thick). Saunacore uses 11/16” thick cedar. Much more durable, less chance of warping.


In its unique way, Hem-Fir is a perfect combination of strength and extraordinary beauty and is quite literally one of the most handsome, elegant and versatile softwood species combinations on the market today. Hem-Fir lumber is light and bright in colour, varying from a creamy, nearly-white to a light, straw-brown colour. It can be as light or lighter in colour than some of the Western pines and is often considered, by those seeking a strong wood with a very light colour, as the most desirable of the Western softwoods. This wood is in most cases used in construction of CHINA made saunas. Much more economical wood over poplar and cedar, and usually very thin. Made in CHINA saunas the this wood is usually 8mm (5/16” thick).


Poplar trees are known to grow taller than any other U.S. hardwood species. It is found alone in open, rich, moist soil. Because of its fast maturity, the lumber from poplar is lightweight and soft for a hardwood. It is strong, durable and seasons well resisting warping once it is dried and has no knots. Saunacore constructs sauna with this type of wood for people that suffer from allergic reactions from the natural oils in cedar wood. This type of wood used is up to ¾” thick.

Saunacore Canadian built sauna wood is kiln-dried up to 10% less moisture content in their cedar and poplar wood. Air dried wood is not as curing, and an older method of wood drying. The wood moisture content is much higher than 10% which has a much greater chance of the wood to warp or crack.

ALL Saunacore wood is clear select grade kiln dried western red cedar or American poplar wood. All pre-sanded from the finest Canadian mills in Canada. Select grade means selected boards for premium quality. Saunacore wood is the thickest, and outmost highest quality in the industry. No knots, no veins, just premium beautiful, durable, long lasting wood. Compare, our saunas weight almost double the weight of our competition.

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