Many saunas available in the market tend to look the same. Many sellers that advertise “custom saunas”, for instance, tend to have a very limited number of options when it comes to components and accessories. Thus, when you visit a home with a sauna in it, you’ll sometimes notice how out of place it looks inside a room, or how it tends to take up too much space. Here’s why you should make sure that your custom saunas are, in fact, truly customized.

1. Size constraints. Many typical steam shower units take up a lot of vertical space. If you have high ceilings, a steam shower should fit easily. However, for smaller spaces, a custom steam shower vendor will take into account the height of the ceiling and the footprint of the shower unit itself. This will ensure that getting into and out of the steam shower is easy for everybody and that it doesn’t block passageways, especially if the door is open.

2. Electrical requirements.. The art of steam shower design also involves a lot of calculations, particularly when it comes to the electrical demands of the unit. Circuits to be tapped into by steam showers and custom saunas, for instance, should carry enough amperage for the heaters to do their jobs safely. Too little current could result in malfunctioning appliances nearby, while using too much current could result in a short circuit, which could prove to be dangerous if your sauna enclosure is made of wood or other flammable materials.

3. Aesthetics. A sauna enclosure that’s too big for the room does not only block foot traffic; it also looks out of place. The wrong color of wood or door type can also put the sauna at front and center, and not in a good way. Vendors of custom saunas should be able to provide you with at least two choices of wood – one light-colored, one dark-colored – and multiple door styles such as single-leaf, double-leaf, or sliding doors. A custom sauna reflects the owner’s personality and it should be designed in a way that makes its users comfortable with using it.

Saunacore offers custom saunas in different sizes and configurations to fit different homes and carries a variety of paneling options and accessories to go with any interior design scheme. To inquire about getting a custom sauna for your home or business, call us toll-free at 1-800-361-9485.