certified-300x225All electrical or electronic equipment sold in Canada or imported must have the appropriate certification approval. All electrical products sold, displayed, or connected to a source of power shall be approved by a recognized certification agency in Canada. Electrical products that do not bear the mark of a recognized certification agency may be unsafe, and could pose serious electrical shock and/or fire hazards. It is unlawful to sell non-compliant products that are not certified.

Many products which are imported carry the CE certification mark. Is the CE Mark sufficient justification for an electrical inspector to accept a product for installation according to the National Electrical CodeĀ©?

The existence of the CE Mark has no bearing on whether or not the product complies with the appropriate standards in North America. The mark only indicates that the product meets the essential requirements mandatory in the member states of the European Union and allows free movement in the European community.

The product must meet the appropriate North American Standards to carry the listing mark (CSA, etc.), which indicates compliance with the appropriate product standards for installation in North America. Some products that meet the appropriate North American standards may also be certified to carry the CE Mark. However, the CE Mark alone is not sufficient justification to determine compatibility with the electrical installation code being enforced.