After spending countless hours researching FAR infrared saunas, we found that Saunacore was truly a quality sauna manufacturer right here in Ontario, Canada.

Our primary concern was high EMF levels and inhaling chemicals given off by adhesives holding cheap material together and exposed to high temperatures while we were inside an enclosure that is supposed to improve our health and well-being.

If you do your due diligence, you will find that Saunacore uses medical grade emitters with low EMF levels, stainless steel deflectors, Western Red Cedar and screws to build their saunas along with an excellent limited lifetime warranty to stand behind their product. We went to visit them to custom-build us a 6’D x 6’W corner sauna.

Luckily for us, their office and manufacturing facility was only a 45 min. drive from our home. We were able to visit the factory and see its production process with our own eyes so we knew exactly what was going into our sauna. We had a lot of questions throughout the design process but both Philip and Anna were very patient and accommodating to our many requests and concerns to ensure we got exactly what we paid for. Their 30 years of experience in the business of building saunas was evident in their knowledge and input into our sauna design.

We could really feel that Saunacore wasn’t just focused on getting our money but that they genuinely wanted to ensure that we would be happy with the final product. However, as they do not provide delivery and written instructions on one-off custom-built saunas, transporting and assembling the sauna posed a bit of a challenge for us.

Through trial and error and some additional guidance from Philip, we were finally able to piece it together but not without some further struggles and frustrations.

Upon completion, we provided some constructive feedback to Anna in this regards and she was very receptive to address this on future custom-built products. Throughout our dealings with Saunacore, they always welcomed us in open arms. We appreciate their sincerity and integrity throughout its business approaches.

Rosy H. Ontario


Anna was extremely helpful – so much so that I will purchase a Saunacore Max. In fact, even given the sizable investment, the decision is not all that difficult now that I have been duly informed. Thank you again for your time you took with me today. This professor would grade both of you and Anna with an “A”!

John, NJ

Hello Saunacore,
Well it’s taken me a while, but I finally got everything built and installed…
I’ve had a few saunas in my life, and I decided to go full Deluxe on this one and build it all myself. 🙂
Figure it’s my last one! I took my time and handcrafted a real beauty…
I wanted to give you feedback on the Saunacore Heater that I got from you.

BY FAR, the BEST heater I have ever had! 🙂
It it the only one that has ever “beat” me!
I’m normally an all the way up to the hottest possible type of guy, but this one whips my butt long before it even begins to slow down!
Which is exactly what I wanted…
It’s AWESOME!!!!
Sam, GA

Hello All,
Thank you for your informative response regarding our search.
We have learned quite a lot. We ended up purchasing a 2 person Infracore unit. We were impressed with the quality of your saunas.
Looking forward to the many benefits of your product.
Best regards,
John, OH

Just a quick note to thank you for the high quality of your customer service. It was so refreshing to get timely quality advice that saved me money.
Thank you.

I purchased my Saunacore Infracore Infrared Max sauna back in October 2016. I purchased it through one of your representatives, Alex. We really love it!I really like your product and think it is the best.
Lindsey, Oregon

Just a quick note to let you know how much I am enjoying my sauna. Every morning I have a 1/2 hour relaxing sauna and admire the fine workmanship of the cedar construction. It’s like being in a mini cottage.
Nick, BC

Just wanted to let you know my sauna was received yesterday and assembly has now been completed this morning. I can tell you how much I appreciate the high quality of the workmanship that went into the build on my unit. I was even impressed with the prep work that went into packaging it on the skid. It could easily go to Europe and back without any problems. I just know the benefits will far exceed my expectations. Once again thank you for the team effort of everyone at Saunacore on producing such a high end product.


Jason just thought I would send an additional note of thanks for our new Saunacore home sauna. We are really enjoying it , but will certainly even appreciate it more as the winter approaches. It was wonderful to be a recipient of your professionalism, efficient manner of approach, and dedication to providing a high quality product, aiming for our complete satisfaction. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season !

Best regards !
Noreen , Custom Sauna Install , Ontario

It has been a life changing unit. Would not have anything else.

Purchased the Ultimate sauna stove.
William, GA


I really appreciate the high-quality heater and top-notch customer service while putting together our new sauna. The reason I came to Saunacore to purchase my heater was because after much research, I determined that you have the best quality. Quality is most important to me because my wife and kids will be sharing the sauna experiences with me and I wanted something that is both safe and therapeutic for our family.

We are setting-out on a healthy lifestyle, modifying our food and exercise habits as well as engaging in activities to reduce stress. The new sauna has already helped with detoxifying and relieving stress and we use it nightly. What I like the most about your heater is the fact that it has 100% stainless steel construction, which is light-years better than those that cut corners using galvanized tin and other strange alloys that give off fumes and can make you sick over time. I was also concerned about quality of parts used to make the heater and I was reassured that since everything was made with North American parts, I didn’t have to worry about low-quality, foreign components failing early or giving off fumes from sub-standard materials.

We had a few concerns with installing a 240V unit in our basement and this leads me to the second reason why I’ll return to Saunacore for my future sauna needs and that is your awesome and attentive customer service. I had several questions involving installation and Philip and his staff did a great job entertaining my numerous questions and putting me at ease about the operation of my new heater. He also reminded me that Saunacore stands behind their products and I’ll always be able to get service and parts (if necessary) since they are local. This heater heats-up fast, is quiet and is precise with its thermostat and general operation. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase and will be sure to return to Saunacore in the future, you guys get 5 Stars in my book!

Thanks again for the awesome product and service!


Robert Herz, CO
Peyton, Colorado

By the way, I love the kit! Very well done. Thank you!

Bob, KS
“We COULD NOT BE HAPPIER with the surprisingly high efficiency and superior quality – not to mention the great looks – of our new Saunacore sauna! It was very easy for me to install by myself. Your Saunacore heater for my newly FINished sauna ROCKS! The heat produced is even and just plain perfect for my sauna. And you were so right: The health benefits for my wife and myself (and my nephews) have the whole family talking! Please pass on my compliments to your engineers and do keep up the good work at Saunacore! I feel younger every time I use my sauna!”

Morris, MI
“Thank you for your help and for building a great product! We love our DUAL sauna and recommend it to all our friends!”
A Very Satisfied Customer,

Roger MA
“I cannot say enough good things about your product. I have the ultimate since 2002 and love it”.

William, AB
FYI – Hello, I purchased a Saunacore Dual sauna from you 5 years ago and am very happy with it.

Deb, Ohio
Good Morning, I just installed one of your Saunacore heaters into my sauna and I love it!


Bob, USA
I would like to thank you, Phil, Anna and Jason to take care of the sauna heater repair in the very timely manner. I received it back in NJ today – just in time! thank you again – superb service!

Igore, NJ
Hi Anna ;

I am sending you and your Organization a letter for two reasons ;

1. To thank You for your Expertise , Professionalism and Superior Product Knowledge

2. To share some feedback about your Industry and Competitors

In terms of the first point , I have spent two years researching your Industry and Infrared Saunas . I am in the Health Care Industry and my recommendation closely mirrors my credibilty . I had some thorough questions for both you and for Jason at Sauna Core about your Emitters , EMF , VOC and Emitter Out Put as well as overall Infrared Wavelengths in connection to Health and Safety . I asked the same questions from your Competitors Far North , Sunlighten , Clearlight and Sauna Ray . I purchased my Sauna from Your Organization today based on your Knowledge and Your Product . I will assure you I have paid more than your Competitors offered , however , I am confident that I have made the right decision based on Science and on your Emitters and your overall Product . The success of your Organization as you can appreciate is of no concern of mine , however the success of the Health of Individuals is a Primary Focus and something I am passionate about, it is in this light that I would like to offer you and your Organization some suggestions to assist others who perhaps do not have the time, science background or tenacity that I do in researching Infrared Saunas . Please receive these ideas in the manner which they are intended – to help individuals make the right choice when looking at the Infrared Sauna Market . I will add that I too am now passionate about your Organization at Saunacore – I am impressed by the quality of your Product and your People – both are the Best on the Market and I will assure you I have done my research.

My concern is that this is not coming across to the mainstream public . Why does this matter to me at all – why do I bother to take the time to address this ? People matter to me and your Organization has impressed me – two very good reasons to absorb the time of a busy Professional Your Industry has become a Marketing Circus – Carbon vs Ceramic – Japan vs China – EMF – LED Therapy – everyone has the BEST !

Take a moment right now – go and google your Competitors websites – CLEARLIGHT – SUNLIGHTEN – FAR NORTH – SAUNA RAY now take a very good look at your Website . I will make my suggestions soon but first let me be clear I understand and acknowledge that you
operate through your Dealers and are not focused on “Web Selling ” Your Customers who visit your dealers however obtain their information from these Websites so it is vital to have the key points covered and explained so people can make the right decision.

Currently your Sauna Core Brochure clearly gets the message across of High End Quality – you have done a great job here !

However the print and the information is small and not clear . I do not get a sense of your identity other than being “Custom Builders” – nice but as a consumer I want to know more …. your Competitors are hitting all the same points – what is interesting about it is that your Organization
surpasses them all point by point – Please inform your customer base of this – put it on your

EMF – bold print – you are the LOWEST

CSA Approval – the most difficult to get – more challenging than ETL approval YOU HAVE IT

Emitters – Why are yours the Best – keep it simple – talk 9.4 Micron Range

Emitter Out put – your unique cooling system means that the emitters stay low and the infrared waves long – which means HEALING
YOUR PRODUCT sustains the infrared range of 9.4 for longer periods – and yes you have done the testing Say it !
Explain Infrared – need long wave length but lower heat
Explain Carbon vs Ceramic ( both available )

Quality – not made in Japan – double sided Cedar ( or wood of choice )

Physician Approved – available in Naturopathic Office and Dr offices throughout Canada and the World

At Sauna Core you are not buying a Product – you are buying Health – Invest Wisely

Your brochures should explain these critical benefits clearly – at the moment you have the best “looking” Brochure on the Market however in todays Market and in your Industry you Must emphasize the points above .

Why does this matter because unless and until someone picks up a phone and directly contacts SaunaCore and speaks to either yourself , Anna or Jason they will never be able to get this Information . Please understand I am not suggesting that you , Anna and/or Jason are good “sales” people I would almost argue the opposite as neither of you even attempted to “sell” me anything . I was impressed by how you both calmly and intelligently answered my questions .

I am confident that your Organization has the best product – the most efficient product for improving the Health of individuals – in reality you have NO competition – let your Brochure speak more loudly for you .

May I suggest Anna that you sit down with Jason and your Marketing Team and ask them to listen to what you hear from Customers – to share the conversation I had with you – they were lengthy and I drilled you both – Anna you and Jason hit all the key points that are not mentioned in your Brochure today . CRITICAL POINTS – POINTS THAT CLEARLY DIFFERENTIATE YOU IN YOUR MARKET

I hope you find this feedback helpful – I believe in Your Organization and the people you have the good fortune of working for you – they , like your Products are the Best in the Industry !

Good Health to You

Maria, Ottawa
“Fyi- I have your steamer and love it! Thanx”

Sandy, UK
“I love my sauna, and having the heat warm up surrounding me feels so nice. Your customer service was impeccable, with my questions answered by a LIVE person, so happy to know there are companies out there that still pickup the phone and not have an answering machine. Saunacore rocks!”

Tony, MD
“Just wanted to say, that after months and months of research – I am so happy and proud to say that I made the BEST choice by far (no pun intended) ;). It was important to me to get the best for my clients and I didnt want one with entrylevel components. I take my business practice and clients seriously. I own the Infracore farinfrared sauna and use it for my practice – my clients are so happy. Every client has benefited one way or another. Infracore is the only way to go when you want a true infrared sauna and better health. Thank you again for offering such an amazing product!”

Dan, ON
“Hi, I’m the proud owner of a Saunacore heater model KW5”

Gary, NY
“I have a Steamcore Pro and am very happy with it!!”

Anthony, ON
“Hi, I recently purchased a 5kW heater from your dealer. I installed it and it is everything I had hoped for. I shopped around quite a bit and would recommend your heater.”

Mel, MI
” Firstly, allow me to say how please I am with the sauna. we use it quite alot, 4 or 5 times a week. it seems to help with my aches and pains, as well as the added bonus of relaxing me after a stressful or physical day.”

Randy, ON
“I wanted to take the time to tell you how please I am with my Saunacore steamer and your company. When I told my wife I wanted to remove our master bath and replace it with a steam room she thought I was nuts! Its hot enough in Texas without a steam room. Several years later she cant live without it! Not only do we use the steam room year round, we are absolutely convinced it helps fight and shorten the illness cycle during flu season. Plus, we feel healthier after every use. Just as important as the steam room is to our daily lives, so is the service from Saunacore. In this day and age its a pleasure to deal with such a high caliber company. To have the phone answered by a real person is rare. To speak to a knowledgeable person and have your questions answered on the spot in almost unheard of. I cannot say enough nice things about Saunacore and highy recommend you to anyone thinking of doing business with your firm. Keep up the GREAT work!”

Robert Nursy, TX
” FYI – We purchased one of your steamers from a dealer back in 2001 – its almost 10 yrs. and its been very reliable! Thank you ”

Paul, MN
We love our Saunacore sauna heater !

Bruce, Idaho
“I have one of your dual saunas, classic style, which was purchased through your dealer in NZ about 6 months ago. It’s a great product and I am very happy with it.”

Andy, New Zealand
I purchased a residential sauna stove in 2006 with the external controls. I have been very happy with the stove. It heats the sauna very fast.

JP, Michigan USA
“I have had the SPAII steamer for a while now, its the best investment I have ever made for my home!”

Ed, South Carolina
“Love my 5×5 custom Dual, thanx for everything! THE SAUNA ROCKS!!! ( no pun intended)

“Hi–My husband and I are happy owners of a saunacore infrared sauna for two!


Val, OR
We have a Saunacore unit for many years now and use it in our wellness center for our patients. Our clients really enjoy it.


Wellness Center, Kansas
I have the ultimate sauna heater for over 7 years, and never had problems. Its a great unit!!

My 4×5 Infracore is great, it is real nice!

And it was packed great!


We are enjoying our sauna very much! We are in it almost every day and for almost an hour! It feels good!

Client, MB
Thanks for your assistance in trying to figure which sauna has the lowest emf’s . I checked the instrument you were using which was a emf 200a and that meter should be considered as good as any top one .

The reading which you got on the Infra-Core Model when we were on the phone sounded real good making the unit one of the lowest one in the industry, compared to the types of heating equipment on the market.

The bottom line is exposure is a combination of time , intensity and distance.

Glen, Alberta (Electrician)
“We have been enjoying our new HORIZON sauna now for almost a month. It’s really wonderful. We are doing great!


Murph, NS
Our Saunacore MAX sauna is truly heavenly! Each time I sit in it, I feel very fortunate to have it. Thank you!

James&Ines, On
“I love it and its great! We use it every day!, Thank you for all your help”!


Just wanted to tell you I bought the MAX sauna, it is great, what a masterpiece! When I was putting it together, I misplaced the assembly instructions, but put it together so easily, with no trouble at all! The craftmanship is superb, and cannot be met by anything else I have seen on the market. After months of researching for an infrared sauna, on the overloaded internet, I found it very difficult to get real answers from companies. While I was doing my research, I was told Saunacore is a very reputable Canadian Company with very high standards. After taking my MAX sauna for a few weeks, I now know why!! This sauna will be passed on for generations to come. The joy of life, is life itself.

Thank you for your time and keep up the great job!

Jerry, Ontario
Thank you for the prompt response! We are putting together a kit for someone. The kit looks extremely well made. We will keep you posted as to our progress. My wife and i are considering one of these for ourselves.

Thank you.

“Bought the three man infrared sauna through a dealer , we love it” Thankyou.

Rob, Canada
I really like this product. I’ve used it four times over the last week and a half. I start with the infrared emitters and finish with traditional heat. I feel real good the next day.

Thank you

Timothy, MO.
Hi ! I finally got around to taking some pictures of my sauna. We use it daily, and it is doing wonders for the way we feel. We are recommending all our friends to you to get info, parts and/or saunas.

Dan @ Regina
I just recently purchased a Saunacore sauna kit. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you. I was very impressed by the quality and milling of the cedar. The wood provided perfectly matched the drawing I provided. I was very impressed by the product and service I received from Saunacore. I will certainly recommend your company to any looking for a sauna.

Kelly, USA
“Hi, Your saunas were recommended to me during the CHFA (Canadian Health Food Association) conference as an excellent Canadian product! Cant wait to start using my new Saunacore sauna!”

Will, BC
We have one of your residential saunas with a “special edition residential heater with steam vaporizer”. We LOVE it!!

Belinda, MA
We purchased a custom sauna a few years ago and are loving it! Thank you.

Rob, TN
Thank you so much Saunacore, my sauna works great!

Jamey, PA
I just wanted to thank you for all of your knowledgeable assistance with the purchase of our far infrared sauna. As you know we purchased the MAX model for use in our Medical Center. It has completely lived up to the information you furnished to us. It is a beautifully made product, easy to use, works perfectly and simple to maintain. We are using it as part of a comprehensive medical and nutritional detoxification program here at our center. Our patients love it, and return many times to get repeated treatments. As a detoxification tool it is the cornerstone of our program. It’s many high quality features have been very attractive to our clientele here in California, who are a discerning population. We are so please we purchased the MAX and are happy to be a referral source for any of your prospective customers. Thankyou again. Let us know if you need any further information from us.

Howard , MD. , CA
“My sister purchased an Infr-Core far infrared sauna about a year ago and she encourages me to use it. I used the sauna and I thought it was wonderful! Many thanks.”

Kathleen, NY
I purchased my SaunaCore Sauna about a year ago and I am 100% satisfied. It has changed my life!

Gregg, MO
“I sweat like crazy in my Sunset infrared sauna and I think it is one of the best purchases I have ever made, will definitely sell a lot of them. Have a great weekend”

Penny, MB
Thank you for your help, my family and I really enjoy your sauna!

Hello! Wow your new website is fantastic! And so is the Far-infrared Sauna I bought 18 months ago. I have used it 125 times and really enjoy the detoxification effects. The more and more I read about health problems the more I realize that the best way to improve on ones health is to get right down to the basis and get those body cells cleaned out first, then start building from there!! Have a great day!

Henry, Ontario (1 1/2 years later)
At my 10th and 11th sessions I noticed what seemed to be a “whitish” cloud on my arms while using the Swedish brush. My Doctor confirmed that it was probably the contaminants coming out of my system. Shortly after I had a “Urine Toxic Metals” test for 15 toxic metals done by Doctors Data Inc. I had “less than the detection limit” in 8 and “very low amounts” in the remainder. Dr. Sherry Rogers MD, from her monthly newsletter which I have been subscribed to for 7 years and in her 12 books is repeatedly saying Far-infrared sauna is the “only way” to get rid of the “contaminants and plastics” that we are subjected to in out “modern world”. I believe her!! And I am looking for more improvement! Thanks for providing such a useful and extremely well constructed machine”.

Henry, ON (6 months later)
In the past 14 months I have had 77 Far Infrared sauna sessions. 57 of them in my own home 3×3 Saunacore INFRACORE far-infrared sauna model which I purchased in January 2005. I am 110% sold on the idea of using the Farinfrared sauna as the main tool in the detoxification of my body! After about the 3rd sauna session (prior to my purchase) I noticed that my attitude towards life changed. I was “much more alert” while driving, expecially on the Gardiner Expressway, which is not my favorite place to drive. I keep very accurate note of each 40min session. When I first started my overall sweat factor was about 4.0 on a scale 1-10. It gradually has crept to 7.5-8.0 but it took 20-30 sessions to do so. Just prior to my purchase I had an MRI done on my head by a nose, throat and ear specialist and he confirmed that the only thing to improve my hearing in my right ear was a hearing aid. I have been 40% deaf in the left ear for 40years and the right one was now going. As a backup I had 2 different hearing aid specialists evaluate my hearing. I felt like I had done everything the medical field had to offer.

On my 2nd sauna session at home my right ear seemed to “crack” and when cleaning I had bits of blood and very noticeable wax buildups on the Q-tips. BUT I was hearing the TV better and I was better on the phone and in general conversations. So my hearing is not 100% but it is good enough that I don’t need a hearing aid!

On my first 22 sessions I did not have access to a shower after a sauna. At home I always shower and use a Swedish brush after each sauna.

Henry, ON (14 months later)
It felt great to sweat again and the good part of it is, I am right at home and I could take a relaxing shower after. Just like pampering myself! The Infracore far-infrared unit is great and you Saunacore people are just so polite and efficient!

Thank you.

Henry, ON
I purchased your sauna heater. It works great! Thank you!

Mykola, CA
Hi, just a quick pop in. We have been enjoying our new sauna and Saunacore heater for a couple of weeks now! Thank you Saunacore!

Kate, WI
I have been very happy with the Saunacore unit we installed last September. Our sauna gets heavy use often, sometimes five hours per day. I would also like to acknowledge your company for your prompt warranty service. We look forward to add another sauna in the near future.

Thank you.

Church of Scientology, FL
I am very happy with my new Infracore far-infrared sauna. I’ve lost 19lbs and feel like a million bucks! The quality is outstanding! Thank you! I purchased my SaunaCore Sauna about a year ago and I am 100% satisfied. It has changed my life !

Gregg M., MO
Dear Saunacore On behalf of my firm and my clients at the Dynasty Condominium in Richmond Hill, I would like to express my extreme satisfaction with the professionalism and quality of workmanship exhibited by your staff. The men’s sauna looks better than it did when it was new in 1990. Your attention to detail is obvious and reveals how you must deal with your everyday business dealings. Thank you for a job well done. Should you wish to utilize my name as a reference, I would be pleased to assist you.

Thanks you Robert Weinberg

Percel Professional Property Management, Ontario.
Approximately 4 years ago the City of Vaughan purchased four of your commercial Saunacore sauna heaters. This letter is to inform you of their success and reliability throughout the four (4) years of use. Never has the City of Vaughan and its fitness membership been so happy with the quality and dependability which these heaters have. Your commitment to quality and confidence in the product have been great for installations and having the peace of mind that costly call-backs will not occur. I strongly recommend and endorse your products to anyone looking to buy a sauna. We appreciate doing business with people who care about their customers beyond just selling a product.


Allen F, City of Vaughan, OntarioIt has almost been a year that we have installed a SAUNACORE heater and steam bath generator in our health club facility. Since that time of installation we have had no problems. The steam generator operates so quietly but works poerfully in filling the steam room with lots of steam, and the sauna heater with the water tank is a brilliant idea. The members of our club are amazed how the sauna room heats up so quickly and stays hot, they are happy that they don’t need to inconvenience themselves by having to constantly put water on the rocks, the moisture is created automatically.

The SAUNACORE equipment are so much more superior than the other products we have had in the past, we strongly suggest to any other health club or fitness center to go with Saunacore heaters and steam generators, they definitly are more durable, reliable and practical.

Thanks once again Saunacore!!

Fabulous Fitness, Ontario.
We put up the Infra-Core 4×5 and got it running immediately. He was like a kid on Christmas morning!

Steve, Ontario
These days, there are very few times that you get what you paid for. But we really enjoy your sauna. It really was worth every penny. It was easy to put up and its just absolutely beautiful.

Fletcher, GA
I am totally satisfied with the sauna. I’m recommending your awesome product. This sauna is in one of my 2 pain management clinics here on the coast of Maine.

Judy, Maine
Just a note: Three years ago, I bought a Saunacore Kw 5 sauna heater and I am very satisfied with your product!

Thierry, Quebec
We purchased a Saunacore Classic sauna. It works great. We really enjoy using it, especially when the nights are cold. We can feel the health benefits already.

Ted, FL
Can we move to Canada? We are extremely happy with the extent of your organization goes for customer service. Getting customer service in my area, is talking to a machine. Thank you for your follow through and making me feel like a valued customer.

I love my Infra-Core!

Domenic, CA
Thank you very much Saunacore. I never realized how much i missed my steamer. Best purchase I ever made.

Robert, TX
Impressed with the fine construction of the Infra-Core sauna. Relatively easy to put together. Control panel, emitters, light and speakers are all working well.

Thank you.

John, Ontario
Still loving my custom Bay Dual sauna – best money I’ve spent in a long time. Thanks again. Hope to be able to refer you to some of my clients. I’m thrilled to finally have my own sauna and after dealing with you, I know i picked the right one.

Helen, Ontario
Hi – I just wanted to say how AWESOME my new sauna is. It is really a beautiful piece of furniture, made well and high quality. Thanks to everyone involved.

Beryl, USA
We would like to thank you for your Saunacore sauna heater KW 18 commercial. This unit has been in our facility for 6 years, which is used by over 4000 members, open 7 days a week. This is the only unit that has lasted this long.

I would highly recommend this unit for any heavy commercial installation!

Joe, Ontario
“Saunacore, I really appreciate your knowledge and integrity. It is certainly refreshing to find a company as knowledgeable and courteous as you in the industry. As a dietician and business owner, I am constantly preaching preventative health care. After doing a lot of research, I knew this would be a great purchase. It was not only a great purchase, it was the BEST purchase. I have friends over all the time and the first thing they want to do is sit in the sauna. It is a healthy, fun way to relax.

I would recommend it to everyone!

Thanx again!

Jolene, AZ
Folks arrived on time, installed the unit within less than 30 minutes! Very quick and efficient. Very impressive, great product, very nicely finished, well constructed and excellent operation. Enjoyed my first session today in my Far infrared sauna and it was great!

Thanks for the service and attention to detail!

Burt, Ontario
I have noticed improvements in my tennis elbow and sore knee. After playing badminton and canoeing one day, my elbow felt fine again after 2 sauna sessions. It would normally hurt 1 or 2 weeks after a workout like that. I also noticed improvements in my breathing when i had asthma before my sauna session.

The wheezing went away after about 10 minutes which was amazing! I am hoping and praying to be able to live without puffers eventually!

Jennifer, AB
We are pleased with every aspect of our Saunacore investment. This takes into account the pricing, the cedar, the workmanship and operation of our sauna with the Saunacore electronic control. It was well worth the wait!

Wallace, MASS
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and make you aware of what a wonderful product you have (as I am sure you are already aware). The far infrared sauna has allowed me to detox and improve my total well being. I feel lively again, something i was searching for, for years.

Trish, AB
You sent us a sauna in December (Premium Package). Its the BEST THING WE EVER DID! We love it. However, I suggest you re-do the pictures in your brochure. The actual wood is much more beautiful than it appears.

Thanks Again.

H & M, USA
Thank you for getting the Steamcore steamer out for my customer as quick as you did. They had to meet a deadline and because your promptness, they did. As a key note, they are enjoying the steamer daily, and love it.

C. Colon, USA
I am writing to express my complete satisfaction with the upgrades you performed to our Maple Leafs and Toronto Raptors steam rooms. The new equipment has performed beyond our expectations and the feedback from the players and training staff from both our teams has been more than positive.

I would like to express my appreciation for the immediate attention and service you have provided the Air Canada Center and I very much look forward to working with Saunacore in the future.

C.M., ACC.
I have built a number of IR saunas for friends and clients and have used Infra-Core ceramic emitters.

I must admit that they are top notch emitters and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is considering building their own far infrared sauna.

Thanks for the great service.

GR, British Columbia
I want to thank you for offering to the world this high quality product. Nowadays it is so difficult to find products with high quality components and performance. My premium far infrared sauna has made me feel so rejuvenated and i now have much more energy than before.

Thank you so much for contributing to the improvement of my life!!

Sue, New York
THANK YOU SAUNACORE!!! The sauna is very well engineered and skillfully built. It works great, and it is great to be able to have a true far infrared sauna.

Your staff is very knowledgeable and helpful.

Alan, California<
“My wife and i have only had our 4×5 all cedar DUAL sauna for a week and it has already changed our lives-and for the better!

Rob, Tennesse
The Infra-Core “Dual” modular sauna by Saunacore is the ultimate sauna system. It is a dual-purpose sauna that can function both as a traditional sauna or as a Far Infrared Sauna.

Enjoy the best of both worlds in a brilliant sauna room designed by one of North America’s premier sauna manufacturers.

Sauna H
Infra-Core Premium Model Sauna
“Thanks for everything. Your help was great. Thank you for getting back to us so quickly, the many times I called you. I love the sauna. My whole family has used it. It’s very relaxing and nice to know that you are doing something good for your body at the same time. It’s really nice to come home after a stressful day at work and be able to unwind in the sauna.

The cedar that it is made of is incredible. Everyone that has seen it comments on how nice it is. I have friends coming over this weekend that have already asked if they can use it. I was concerned at first that we wouldn’t be getting quite what we expected, but I have to say that it really is a deal. It’s beautiful and a lot bigger than I expected.

You wouldn’t think that you could get something like this for your home at such a reasonable price. Thanks again.”

RS, Atlanta, GA<
Rulon Gardner, Olympic Gold Medalist and World Champion wrestler, owns an 8×10 Saunacore Classic Model. ”
We’ve been having some fun with it. It’s great! I plan on using the sauna as part of my quest for another Gold medal in 2004.”
Rulon Gardner, Champion Wrestler.

Rulon Gardner, Olympic Gold Medalist and World Champion wrestler,
I’m soooo happy! My husband put my new Ultimate stove in our sauna this past weekend. It is a beauty and was very easy to install. Only 15 minutes to preheat, compared to our old stove that always took 45 minutes.
I was so in need of a sauna session. I’d been without for way too long. The stove works beautifully.I enjoy the non-complicated temperature and timer control too.
Thank you so much for helping me make the right selection.

Deb, North Dakota
Dominican Republic says: “I am very happy with these products, we operate 16 Spas in the island (Dominican Republic, ed.) and all of them have this equipment installed. Our clients love it.

Dr . Correa, MD, Dominican Republic

Dr Juan Correa, General Director of SPAS METAMORHOSIS