Steam & Sauna In Your Bathroom

Steam Rooms & Saunas in your Bathroom.

Saunas and steam rooms are pretty much a given in most trendy health clubs and spas across the country, and have been for decades, but recently in the last couple of years there has been a growing demand by consumers for incorporating the benefits of residential steam right into their homes. This demand for custom home saunas and custom steam rooms has been accelerated by the stress and fast pace of modern living. With time and convenience being the name of the game; who has time to go to the spa anymore, so why not bring the spa home? This trend of steam rooms, infra-red and traditional wet saunas has taken off like wildfire especially in master baths and in homes that have a luxury bath setting. And the great thing about these home saunas and steam rooms is that contrary to what most people expect, you actually don’t need much floor space for a sauna or steam room. You’d be surprised just how much you can fit into a 4×4 space with a home sauna kit. That’s about the size of a small closet, which could actually be a good place to put in a sauna, custom shower or steam room if space is at a premium in your home.

“Summary: Steam rooms and saunas for your bathroom can create a spa like atmosphere in your home. The health benefits of infrared saunas and prefabricated steam showers with steam generators help your body expel toxins when you sweat. Creating and installing a custom sauna or custom steam room has been made a lot easier with the many prefabricated residential sauna and home steam room kits on the market.”

You do have the option of purchasing a prefabricated sauna kit or you can get one custom made to fit almost any size or shape. Ready to install sauna kits normally contain everything you need including benches, an electric heater and an air tight door to keep the heat and steam in, some even come with insulated panels which can help to speed up the whole installation process. The only downside to purchasing a prefabricated kit is that you are limited to the shape and design of the manufacturer, which is not a problem if you can find one that fits within your specifications.

With custom sauna kits, you normally send the manufacturer with the dimensions of the space you have available and they will cut the parts to fit your spatial requirements. This is a little more labour intensive because you do have to frame the space and make sure the walls and ceiling are insulated. This can be done by installing two, three-inch layers of unfaced fibreglass insulation both between the studs and one on top of the joists. Then you simply staple on the vapor barrier and nail on the pre-cut facing pieces. It sounds complicated but when you are actually doing it, it makes more sense. I should mention that for any electrical work you should probably get a certified electrician to do the work otherwise you may end up voiding the manufactures warranty.

A steam shower is a comparable alternative that utilizes the space your shower enclosure already occupies. Prefabricated acrylic steam showers already have steam generators built into the unit. The downside to these units is that they normally require additional wiring and plumbing, plus the kits can be a bit pricey. The upside is that you can actually install one of these steam showers without too much complication.

Saunas and steam showers add a sense of elegance and luxury, plus create a spa like atmosphere in your bathroom. They are convenient, help the body expel toxins and offer many other health related paybacks. Health professionals have been touting the benefits of steam for decades. You now have the opportunity to bring those same accolades into your home, whether you purchase a steam shower or a sauna you will still come out a winner if you follow this emerging trend.

(Bath Room Guru)