Steam Room Construction

Steam bath Generator Sizing and Selection

Measure the length, width and height (in feet) of the steam shower. Multiply the three measurements together to get the basic volume in cubic feet.

L x W x H = CUBIC FEET x % (wall finish)
Add the cubic footage to one of the wall finishes:

Ceramic Tile 25%
Natural Stone 100%
Fiber Glass/Acrylic 0%
Steam Line 50ft+ 20%
G lass Block Wall 10%
Steam Line Subject to Freezing 25%
Glass Wall 10%


A ceramic steam shower with the dimensions 7ft length by 5ft wide and 7ft high (7ft x 5ft x 7ft =245), is 245 Cubic ft. Since the steam shower has ceramic wall finishes,it then requires a 25% cubic footage increase. (Ceramic tile) 25% x (steam shower) 245 = 61.25 ft

The wall finish cubic feet is then added to the original dimensions to calculate the total cubic footage, which in this case is 306.25 ft. (ceramic tile) 61.25 + (steam shower) 245 = 306.25 ft.

Now select the next size of Steamcore model generator which exceeds the calculated room cubic feet. This case the KWS (9000 watts) generator is required. If there is doubt in size, it is recommended to choose the next larger size.


Locating the Steam Bath Generator

Plan the location for mounting your steam generator.
Do not install generator inside steam room.
Do not install generator outdoors.
Do not install generator near combustible or corrosive materials or chemicals.
Place the generator in a dry and easy accessible location for future periodic maintenance. Locate steambath generator preferably within 20 feet of the steam room.
Never locate a unit that may be exposed to frost, fire, or high moisture. Do not install steambath generator in unheated attic or basement where water could freeze.
A gravity drain will be necessary for all units.
The unit must be located on a solid and flat level surface.
Install generator in an upright position only.
Steam line, and drain valve become hot during operation.
Provide appropriate protection.
Control can be located inside the steam room or outside of the steam room. See separate control installation and operation instruction for specific details.
Install anti-water hammer device if required.
Provide access to the steambath generator for servicing.
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Laticrete Steam Room Construction