Sauna Doors And Accessories

As a leading provider in the sauna industry for years, we don’t only give our clients the materials and means to create their own steam rooms; we also provide a wide selection of sauna accessories to enhance their spaces. Our selection ranges from must-haves such as extra sauna rocks, sauna buckets, ladles, and thermometers to additions such as foot massagers and aromatherapy oils.

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To ensure that our products last long in a sauna environment, we’ve crafted most of them out of quality cedar wood. These include our buckets, ladles, brush and towel hangers, thermometers, and foot massagers. On the other hand, our accessories not made of cedar, such as our sauna lights, are built to endure the change of temperatures and the level of humidity typically experienced in a steam room.

There are many reasons why cedar wood is the choice of material for everything in a sauna. First and foremost, this wood lasts longer than other species when exposed to the cycle of heating and cooling in the steam room. It also resists fungi and decay, which can easily grow in the moist sauna environment. Aside from these practical properties, the wood has subtle aromatic properties that enhance the experience.

Aside from accessories which you can use while in the sauna, we also carry products to help you maintain your facility. Our sauna wood preserve helps you maintain the quality of the room and its wooden accessories. Although cedar by itself will last long even in fluctuating temperatures and high humidity, the wood preserve can help maintain the integrity of the lumber. Furthermore, it helps keep long-term maintenance easy. If you simply need materials for repairing parts that have broken or rusted over, we also offer an array of products for replacing hinges and the like.

Sauna Cedar Doors

Over time, sauna doors can swell or shrink due to moisture levels or the changing seasons. This can make it hard to open the steam room or fully enjoy it. Here at Saunacore, we can offer cedar doors in standard and custom sizes to suit your needs. We can also produce doors with custom designs to suit your home or business. Whether you need a simple door to replace one in your home, or a new decorative door to enhance the look of your steam room, we’ve got what you need. If you would like to learn more about our sauna accessories and sauna doors, feel free to download our brochure.



Sauna Cedar Doors

(standard and custom sizes) Need a custom design? We can do it.