Premium Far Infrared Saunas

Infra-Core Premium Far Infrared Saunas

Considered as one of the most powerful and sophisticated luxury Far Infrared sauna’s in the world, the Saunacore Premium Series offers true far infrared performance with the use of concave shaped pure wide projection ceramic heating emitters. Further technical detail’s include an Optimization cooling system, and caster wheels for mobility. This Far Infrared Sauna stands alone as an icon in advanced engineering and craftsmanship; as a result, the most advanced detoxifying and therapeutic Far Infrared sauna in the world. The immense performance potential of the Infra-Core Max Series is also reflected in the interior design, including interior features reserved for this particular model, such as the under the bench angled mounted heating emitter. Simply put, the Infra-Core Max Series is the successful synthesis of stunning performance and a dynamic exclusive design. The Far Infrared sauna has been widely used in treating people who suffer from toxic load. The Far Infrared sauna has been shown to mobilize these trapped toxins which are then eliminated through sweating. Our liver and kidneys are bypassed in this process, a particular advantage of sweat detoxification. The deep heating effect of the infrared sauna also boosts our immune system, enhances circulation, reduce’s inflammation and more!

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