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I take immense pleasure in introducing to you our company, Saunacore™. We have been in the sauna industry since the early 80’s, and with years of producing quality products, we have become one of the largest manufacturers, with the most extensive line of products available in the industry. Our business has been built on high quality, most competitive prices, and definitely what is most important, customer satisfaction. We have been offering our service globally, and in different states/provinces in USA and Canada. Keep in mind Saunacore is a Canadian manufacture and all our products are certified to UL and CSA safety standards.

Saunacore™ over the years has become one of the world’s most extensive manufacture of sauna and steam bath products. Saunacore™ manufacture’s, traditional sauna stoves, steam bath generators, do-it-yourself custom sauna kits, custom traditional modular sauna rooms, custom infrared radiant sauna rooms, infrared components, accessories, and much more.

Saunacore’s specialty is in custom sauna design and fabrication. Creating your own sauna is simple at Saunacore™. We can make any idea imaginable come to life. Simply provide us with a sketch, architectural drawings, photo or any sort of measurements and together we can design the most customized and desirable sauna with all the features and accessories that you can dream of. When designing your own customized sauna you can rest assure that Saunacore™ will take care of every detail to ensure you receive the best quality Sauna.
After designing your customized sauna our goal is to ensure that you are enjoying the benefits of a Saunacore™ Sauna. You are feeling more relaxed and your body has been rejuvenated. You feel revived, ready for another day, your body is detoxified, clean and pure and you feel refreshed. Add your own personal touch to your sauna design.

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Raymond Nicolini


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We currently have distribution of our products throughout Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Netherlands, Dominican Republic, etc.