According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC, influenza, often referred to as the flu, can be mild or severe and may last anywhere between a couple of days to two weeks. If symptoms persist longer than this period, it may lead to complications. Sauna room sessions may help relieve a few common symptoms of influenza, and may also help patients get better sooner.

It is a widely accepted fact that there are numerous benefits of sauna sessions, often generalized as enhancing one’s overall health and well-being when taken at regular intervals. The benefits may be experienced immediately but to truly experience an enhanced physical well-being, regular sessions are recommended.

For those afflicted with the influenza virus, the following symptoms may begin to manifest at the onset: cough, runny nose or clogged nose, headaches, muscle aches, and fatigue/tiredness. Some patients may also feel nausea. Of these, the three common flu symptoms that sauna room sessions can help relieve are the following:

  • Runny nose or clogged nose
  • Muscle aches and headaches
  • Fatigue or tiredness

The benefits of sauna sessions to people with influenza can be likened to the benefits that one receives from steam emanating from hot water in the sink, a basin or tub. Think of it as your doctor’s prescription of the same only on a much larger scale.

To put it another way, sauna room sessions are the larger-scale counterpart to your doctor’s prescription to relieve colds: filling a basin, tub or sink with hot water and breathing in the steam to ease congestion. As you sit inside a steamy room, your body heats up, which then induces sweating. As you sweat, your body releases toxins. And as the toxins are released, you may feel relaxed and relieved. Ever wonder why, when you have a lingering infection or illness, your body suddenly burns up and you feel feverish? This is your immune system working to defend you against whatever is causing the infection.

Not everyone who has the flu will develop a fever. It all depends on the extent of the viral infection.

If you wish to enjoy the benefits of sauna year-round, you may consider installing your own sauna room in your home. We have pre-fab DIY kits that you can choose from. For your reference, our product line includes traditional and combination saunas, sauna heaters and accessories. If you need assistance, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-361-9485.