An infrared sauna is fairly easy to use, and it doesn’t really take much to fully enjoy the experience of using it. With just a few simple steps, you can adjust the settings according to your preferences or needs to reap the full benefits.

Before using the sauna

Begin by switching on your sauna and adjusting the settings according to the temperature you’re comfortable with. The most common setting preferred by users is 40ºC to 48ºC, but try to experiment first. While the sauna is warming up, you can take a warm shower or bath to let your body adjust to the higher temperature later on. Exercising before using the sauna is also common, as some find that it can shorten the time it takes to begin to perspire.

While using the sauna

After 10 to 20 minutes, the infrared sauna is ready to use. You can do a number of things while inside, from just sitting and enjoying the heat with some aromatherapy candles, to catching up on your reading while listening to calming music. Some also find it pleasurable to gently massage parts of their body to relieve muscle pain and enhance the effect of sweating. And because an infrared sauna doesn’t produce steam or require water like traditional saunas, it offers a broader range of activities for you to enjoy while using it.

Remember that using the sauna should be a pleasurable experience, so make sure to listen to your body. Do not sleep inside the sauna, drink alcohol before getting in, or stay inside longer than you’re comfortable with. If at any time you feel unwell or dizzy, get out of the sauna immediately.

After using the sauna

Five minutes before your sauna session is scheduled to end, you can adjust the settings and lower the temperature to let your body gradually cool off. Immediately exposing your body to the lower temperature outside the sauna can shock your system. After using the infrared sauna, you can take a cool shower or bath to wash away the sweat and close the pores. Dry off using a clean towel and apply lotion to moisturize the skin.