Steam rooms are catching on for homeowners who want a room in their house where they can rest, relax, detoxify, and generally sweat it out regularly for fitness and other health benefits. Since different users have different requirements, they should also have a custom steam room design made to fit their specific needs. Whether you’re having one built by professionals or building one yourself in your basement shower, it’s good to know what comprises a good design for a steam room.

Before putting up the physical components, make sure that your location will have access to power and water, as well as a means of ventilation and drainage. The steam room is going to be an enclosed space that needs to be properly ventilated with an intake and exhaust. The supply of water is also essential for creating steam and cooling down. Depending on the heater you use, the room will need a reliable supply of electricity as well.

The interior walls are a critical part of the design since they need to be able to withstand the amount of humidity and heat in the steam room. Make sure that they’re properly insulated and waterproofed to be able to hold up to moisture and higher temperatures.

When drawing up the plans for your steam room design, make sure to set aside space for benches you will use inside. For larger steam rooms, multiple bench levels can be built so users can sit where they’re most comfortable. In a steam room with multiple bench levels, the higher seats will be hotter, while those who aren’t comfortable with high temperatures can stay on the lower benches.

Finally, the door should be made of tempered glass, which can safely withstand extreme temperatures and moisture. Just remember that when planning for the door, make sure that the hinges are made of stainless steel to avoid rusting. For those who want a window installed, tempered glass can be used as well.