Steam bathing has been practiced for centuries, some say since the ancient Roman times. Steam from hot springs was used back then to create natural steam rooms. These days, steam baths are no longer restricted to hot springs, as there are ways to enjoy the experience in a steam bath with the use of heaters and specially built rooms.

The health benefits are, of course, the main reason why people take steam baths. By inducing sweating, the body releases toxins that are harmful to one’s health. It is also beneficial to your skin, and is considered as a soothing activity that promotes relaxation.

With all these benefits you can enjoy from a steam bath, one might be inclined towards steam bathing as often as possible. But should you?

Recommended Steam Bathing Frequency

There is actually no single recommendation when it comes to how often you should take steam baths. It is, in fact, a matter of personal choice. However, there are things to take note of when steam bathing.

If you are a first-time steam bather, you should limit your time inside the steam room to a few minutes only. Your body needs to get acclimatized to the heat permeating the steam rooms, and taking it slow for the first few times is ideal.

Also, it is important to listen to your body while taking a steam bath. Remember that you will be exposed to heat, and too much of it can affect you in a negative way. The minute you start to feel uncomfortable, get up and leave. Staying too long inside can make you feel dizzy, and can even cause you to palpitate. Take heed of your body’s signals.

In addition to this, it is important to keep hydrated before and after your steam baths. So drink at least a glass or two of water before and after each session. And another precautionary measure you should take is to avoid using steam rooms when you have an open wound. The heat and the steam could aggravate its condition.

Apart from this, you should be able to enjoy steam bathing as often as you’d like.