If you’re interested in setting up your own sauna at home, there are quite a few ways to go about it. You can buy a prefabricated sauna room, build your own from scratch, or simply choose from a number of sauna kits to suit your needs and assemble it yourself.

The last option offers a good balance between price and convenience, as a pre-built room can be expensive (you’ll have to account for delivery, build, and installation fees). While building one from scratch could significantly reduce your total costs, it won’t ensure that you’ll get it right unless you really know what you’re doing. Additionally, there are still a number of components—such as the heater and other electrical components—that you’re going to have to buy anyway.

Opting for sauna kits—one that you order to fit your space and requirements—can ensure that you get it right. You get everything you need neatly packed and labeled, and every part is designed and manufactured to fit perfectly together. More importantly, all the components are guaranteed to work as long as you follow the instructions. With a little elbow grease and some DIY skills, you can easily build your kit and get a certain feeling of pride and accomplishment once you’re done, aside from the health benefits associated with sauna use. Moreover, doing it yourself allows you to save on unnecessary installation fees that come with having a team build the sauna for you.

So what can you expect when you order a sauna kit? It usually depends on the type of package that you opt for. There are usually quite a few you can choose from, including options for traditional steam and infrared sauna kits. If you’re putting a premium on convenience, space, and a limited budget, a basic or standard kit would work best.

For the most basic kit, expect to get a package that includes the walls and lining, ceiling and floor, a bench to sit on, a heater with wattage that’s rated for the sauna size you ordered, a glass or wood door, windows, lining and insulation, and all the other pieces necessary to put them together. Premium kits will add lights, accessories such as buckets and towel hooks, thermometers, and usually more sophisticated heaters.