With a sauna at home, you have most of what you need to turn slow winter nights into fun ones that your neighbors can enjoy. With the increasing use of outdoor sauna kits, more people are choosing to turn an age-old Scandinavian tradition into a yearly escape from the winter cold. Here’s how:

During a winter sauna party, a good host will ensure that his or her guests are all entertained. The wise thing to do is to lay down some ground rules—especially for those who will be using the sauna—and mix them in with great activities and other entertainment ideas.

The polite party maker will also take the time to make and send out invitations. This helps keep the number of guests low, which is a good thing since outdoor sauna kits will only have a limited capacity. The invitation should include the date and time of the party, the dress code, and what guests should bring.

The best time to have a sauna party is in the middle of winter. If your area experiences heavy snowfall, you can encourage your guests to do as the Finns do and have your guests jump in the snow right after the sauna session! This helps cool down the body and improves circulation.

If you’re really serious about being traditional, you should note that clothing is strictly optional among the Scandinavians. That being said, if you don’t relish the idea of seeing your neighbors in the buff, do specify in the invitation that swimwear should be worn inside the sauna.

Have your guests bring their own towels and take a shower before stepping into the outdoor sauna. Kits containing shower essentials like bathrobes, flip-flops, soap, and shampoo may also be assembled and distributed to guests before the party starts.

Since your guests are likely to be thirsty and hungry after all that sweating, make sure to serve food and drinks after the sauna session. Offer plenty of water and treat your guests to ice-cold beers, fruit juices, wine, and finger food.