For those who want to install or build their own sauna, location should always be the first consideration as it dictates the design, size, and material requirements, and inevitably, the cost of the project. While essentially performing the same functions, indoor and outdoor saunas differ in a number of ways which must be carefully considered before installation

Indoor Saunas

Since the essentials, which include power and water, are readily available, an indoor sauna should be easier to build. When planning for an indoor sauna, space and design could be the biggest challenge, but existing walls naturally make planning and building easier.

While options regarding space and designs are limited by the amount of available space, homes with a vacant basement or a spacious bathroom shouldn’t cause much of a problem. Converting a bathroom into a sauna or steam room would also be ideal since it already has power and water, as well as an existing drainage system.

Besides the possibility of an easier build, another advantage to setting up an indoor sauna is that it doesn’t require any extra protection against the elements, which is an extra consideration when planning for an outdoor sauna.

Outdoor Saunas

For those who might not have enough space indoors or simply want an outdoor setting to enjoy a more natural view, an outdoor sauna normally offers greater flexibility in terms of size and design.

Like an indoor sauna, an outdoor sauna must have access to power and a water supply, but requires protection such as weatherproofing and insulation. These features are necessary to protect the structure from the elements, as well as to ensure that interior conditions such as temperature and humidity can be properly controlled and maintained. Finally, a solid foundation for the structure is another detail that needs to be taken into consideration.

While the build might be considered more challenging because the location might not have existing walls, there are sauna suppliers that offer complete DIY installation kits. These pre-made outdoor saunas come with everything you need to set one up yourself, including pre-drilled wall panels, doors, and windows; implements for a built-in ventilation system; heater options, and weather-resistant materials rated for outdoor use.