Spa rooms are great places to de-stress after a long day’s work. If you’re looking for that luxury, custom saunas with the right décor or accessories can give you that great spa experience right in the comfort of your own home.

With the right features, you’ll make the experience of having your own sauna much more relaxing and pleasurable. Here you will find some tips on how to create your sauna or steam shower and design it in such a way that is both functional and aesthetically attractive:

1. Color and Theme – A traditional spa design is one that channels nature. It makes use of natural wood as well as neutral colors to bring about a soothing atmosphere. To complement the wood and warm colors, use soft beige, cream, or light grey for the walls and consider adding cooling colors reminiscent of nature such as blue and green. As a reminder, choose paint that is resistant to mold and moisture.

2. Lighting – The right lighting fixtures and brightness will go a long way. To set the mood, make use of candles, shaded lighting, or dimmers that will allow you to control the brightness of the room.

3. Selected Accessories – If the space around your custom steam shower or sauna will allow, adding a wooden screen, some plants, or a small water fountain to the space will give your sauna that earthy-meets-Asian vibe. Colorful accents will go great with a minimalist room, but try to limit them to a certain color range to keep it simple and clean, yet striking.

4. Amenities – What’s a staple in a spa? Fluffy, white towels, so make sure you’ve got those on hand. It would also do well to have essential oils for aromatherapy in your sauna, or a collection of soaps and lotions placed around the sink to add a touch of luxury to your steam shower experience.

5. Background Music – Soft background music will set the mood. You don’t need to spend a fortune on setting up an audio system. Just the right mood music you can play with your mobile device or a sound system will give you that feeling of peace and serenity.

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