Saunas are becoming more and more popular among owners of vacation homes. Many vacation homes are located in remote places where the availability of power is intermittent at best. Because of this, sauna owners are choosing to use a wood-burning sauna stove instead of the usual electric heaters.

Luckily, most vacation homes are situated in places where good firewood is available. To address concerns that smoke inhalation from burning wood is not good for the lungs, newer sauna stoves are fitted with pipes to draw away the smoke from the chamber, and divert it outside. This feature is particularly useful for cottages or outdoor sauna rooms.

Like in fireplaces, the choice of wood to be used in a sauna stove is very important. There are many different kinds of wood to choose from, especially in alpine or forested areas, but only a few will give users both the kind of fast, hot burn needed for quick heating and a scent that is especially appealing when one is inside a sauna.

The first rule of choosing wood for a sauna stove is to check for seasoning. A well-seasoned firewood is very dry and almost brittle. “Green” wood, on the other hand, is pliable and has no visible cracks. This means that water is retained in the wood, and the fire it produces will not be hot enough to heat up the sauna stones.

The second criterion for firewood is the presence of sap. When burned, wood sap accumulates in chimneys and pipes, forming a deposit called creosote. Good firewood, if seasoned properly, has minimal sap content, reducing the risk of creosote forming in the pipes of your sauna stove and filling the room with unwelcome smoke.

Among the recommended types of wood to use in sauna stoves are ash, beech, hawthorn, and yew. Of course, firewood must be stored in a safe and dry place to keep it from getting moist.

The choice of wood can spell the difference between total relaxation and distractions brought about by crackling, hissing, and excessive or unpleasant smoke. Visit to view our range of quality wood-burning sauna stoves.