Setting up your home for a weight-loss program? Apart from getting the usual equipment such as weights and a treadmill, you might want to consider including a sauna room among your tools for weight loss. The benefits of a sauna bath go beyond stress relief, and may even help you shed excess pounds and stay healthy.

While it’s true that much of the weight lost during sauna bathing is due to sweating, spending time in the sauna has benefits that will ultimately enhance your weight-loss program. For instance, increased sweating caused by the sauna room’s heat flushes out toxins in the lymphatic system. As toxins interfere with the body’s metabolism, getting rid of them helps you burn fat and reduce weight more efficiently.

Additionally, the heat raises the body’s metabolic rate by up to 20 percent, enabling you to burn more calories. This effect also lasts even after a few hours.

Another benefit is that sauna bathing eases muscle pain after an intense workout. If pain is something that stops you from exercising, the soothing effects of a sauna bath will help you stay dedicated to your fitness goals. Furthermore, the sauna room’s heat decreases recovery time so you can bounce back for your next workout session faster.

If you decide to get a sauna for your home gym, there are two general options you can choose from: infrared and traditional saunas. Both offer the same health benefits, but if you wish to have control over the humidity, a traditional sauna room is recommended. As it makes use of heated rocks that you can sprinkle water with, it will allow you to adjust the level of humidity to a comfortable level. Plus, you can place this type of sauna in your backyard or pool area if you don’t have enough indoor space at home.

Of course, consult your doctor before making a purchase to be sure that sauna bathing is safe for you.