A steam room is a great addition to any home because it not only provides a great way to relax at the end of a long day; it also has numerous health benefits. Steam rooms originated from the early Greeks and Romans, and were used for both hygienic and medicinal purposes.

Today, many use these facilities as a therapeutic alternative to promote healing and overall wellness. Regular steam bathing offers a number of positive effects that can be felt both mentally and physically.

While you can visit a gym, spa, or hotel to go steam bathing, having your very own steam room benefits your health even more by allowing you to give your immune system a boost regularly.

Steam rooms are enclosed spaces that make use of a water-filled generator that fills the room with warm, moist air. The heat the steam brings helps raise body temperature, inducing an effect similar to a fever—the body’s natural way of self-healing. This artificial fever results in an increased production of white blood cell antibodies that helps your body fight against bacteria and other microorganisms, effectively boosting your immune system.

There have been many steam room users that have cited a reduction in the incidence of colds, coughs, and flu due to increased steam bathing.

Additionally, steam rooms can help your body expel toxins through perspiration. Sweating profusely helps rid your body of waste products that have accumulated due to a number of factors, including poor diet and digestion, stress, or lifestyle.

Regular steam therapy is a highly effective way to cleanse your body as well as improve blood circulation and breathing. With your own steam room at home, you are given a way to enhance your immune system naturally without the use of medication or invasive treatments.

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