A sauna is usually considered as a luxury. A sauna room is an amenity often associated with hotels, health clubs and spas but the reality is that it’s one of the best health investments you can make for yourself at home.

There are a number of benefits of a sauna that most people are not aware of. These include a range of physical and mental benefits that can vastly improve the way you go about your daily routine. Using a sauna is especially advantageous for those who struggle with mild depression.

Experts believe that the use of a sauna room can provide a positive impact on those who suffer from depression and mood imbalances. As a form of therapy and physical wellness, the steam and heat together have been said to help muscles relax and improve blood flow. With increased blood circulation comes the release of endorphins, the body’s “feel good” chemical that will leave one feel rejuvenated, peaceful and relaxed.

Relatedly, sauna benefits also include an ability to induce a deeper sleep. Studies have indicated that sauna use can result in a deeper, more relaxed sleep. Following the release of endorphins, when turning in, the decline in your body’s adrenaline can aid in facilitating a more restful night’s sleep.

This deep sleep can go a long way in boosting one’s mood, and gets you started on the right foot, feeling more refreshed when you wake up. To get this benefit, you could have regular, undisturbed sauna time in the evening after a day of hard work. With a personal sauna, you would be able to de-stress and unwind in a personal space where you can let your body relax and rejuvenate in peace.

Stress is one of the major causes of mood changes and a common depression trigger due to mounting worries and anxiety. Improve your mental and physical health by including some sauna time into your daily routine.